input – digital output

  • EDT also offers As Built services.
  • We work from initial input to accurate As Built 3D models as per user’s requirements.
  • Based on existing sketch / drawing documents, EDT provides detail 3D models with required detailing
  • Here at EDT we also work on point cloud services. Our Point Cloud services offer complete Scan to BIM solution for projects. These point cloud – As Built models can be used for renovation – remodel & management projects.


Design for better living...!

  • Here at EDT, we work closely with our clients to understand user’s requirements to create the better building designs that work well on every level inside and out.
  • We design through an intelligent, Building Information Modelling process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals tools for more efficient planning, design, construct, and manage building data with single combined output.
  • We provide start to end Architectural solutions which includes schematic design stage to planning & design development stage, Municipal drawings for approvals, Permit sets, Good for construction documents and ADU designs.


Design based on technology

  • Every conceptual idea is a stepping stone for that design, and giving technological background to such designs continues pushing the boundaries of visualizations & design accuracies.
  • EDT closely follows BIM Technology to Develop the design based on Level of Developments (L.O.D.s) – BIM stages and ensure best design accuracy, Quality drawings, presentations, Clash detections and reports, Area reports, Quantities and solving execution related issues. It helps our clients to enhance overall project efficiency and targets by complete coordination within Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP, Site team & owners through integration of all project data in a single digital platform.
  • At EDT, we execute digitally first and then to reality…!!


Learn, Experience, Grow

  • EDT strongly believes learn, experience and grow…! Every professional was once a beginner…!
  • Enigma Design Academy is an initiative taken by EDT to train people for various software used for Building Architectural detailing.
  • At ED Academy, we have Best team of professionals who train students, beginners to turn them into a great professional. We also provide weekend online workshops to push the interest in learning software.
  • ED Academy also provides online/offline services of learning with flexible time slots.



  • EDT Designs for interior spaces for residential & Commercial spaces.
  • At EDT we have Best team of Interior designers who works collaboratively with clients, understands their needs and provides design solutions. Our team keep Experimenting with materials to enhances better inside space experience.
  • We also provide best quality 3d Interior renderings & ensure that reality matches with renderings…!